Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Language barriers are always fun. We were asked to get "conflex sin dulce" for a chicken recipe a Costa Rican lady was making for us. "Sin dulce" is without sweet, but what is "conflex?" I looked in my pocket dictionary...nothing. I looked in the online dictionary...nothing. I looked, and asked at the grocery store...nothing. I asked another student who has finished their language studies and likes to cook...nothing. I asked another missionary for whom she cooks...nothing. Finally we had to ask her to tell someone else who who spoke Spanish. It was Corn Flakes! Since we do not eat cornflakes, since they are about $4/box, Deanne spared no expense and bought 2 individual serving boxes for 180 colones, the Costa Rican money. I am looking forward to our chicken and brocoli with $ .34 worth of "conflex."

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