Sunday, September 01, 2013

Basket Ball Camp Scores Big Time!

We hosted our second basketball camp in the small pueblo of Guapulo. This town has been a burden on our hearts for four years now. During our first year here in Ecuador, we would travel this very ancient road called "Via de los Conquistadors' up to Quito each Sunday where we were serving in La Iglesia Bautista El Calvario in Quito with Pastor David Vasconez.  Each week, we would pass this little town and God began to work on our hearts. We began to pray for the people and pueblo of Guapulo which is about halfway between Cumbaya and Quito. We prayed that a door would open for us to share the Gospel. We have found NO other Gospel witness.
 God can use anything to open doors, even a basketball game! After that game, we began to come Round to get to know the people of the town. God allowed us to host a basketball camp August 2011 with Pastor Eric May and Ira Baptist Church and another in 2013 with Pastor Steve Carpenter and his young adults from Faith Baptist Church in this little town. One veteran missionary told that it takes seven touches of various kinds before people are ready to open up to you and to the Gospel in this culture.

After the first basketball camp we held a weekly Bible study until January that ended when the family was forced to move because their house literally was falling into the river.

Praise the Lord we now have another Bible study that is going with a new family. Every Thursday evening, thus family is studying the Story of Hope, a chronological evangelistic Bible study. Please pray with us for them and their extended family that they will be open to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. God’s Word is powerful.  It changes lives!  They could be the first ones in their town to know the truth. Pray for them as this would mean heavy opposition.