Friday, December 25, 2009

First Quarter Returns
Just a brief Video of our first 3 months here in Ecuador. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Part of our responsibility is to learn as much as we can about the language and culture. What a blessing to be able to explore and learn!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

TORO, TORO, TOROToday, Jeff, Jordan and Lukas went to a MAJOR cultural tradition in Quito. The first week of December the toros come to town in a BIG WAY. This afternoon there were 12,000 people around as the 3 of them watched the elaborate show in the ring. We learn much about culture by what people deem as "entertaining". All we can say is that it was quite different than a day at the ballpark. There were definitate cultural rules, and when one on-looker got rowdy at the wrong time, the entire crowd turned against him by "whistling" and yelling which is their equivalent to "booing". Another cultural note, "Panama hats" which are actually an Ecuadorian industry not Panama, are worn by everyone at the bullfights. Jeff got into the new fashion, Lukas opted for cowboy style, and Jordan, well, he was the "Americano" of the bunch.
VIVA QUITO.............
This is quite a week to be in QUITO............
All week is leading up to December 6-- the day Ecuador celebrates the Independence of Quito from the Spanish in 1534. It is a national holiday......and it is a HUGE party in downtown!
We are a little removed from it in the Tumbaco Valley, but we needed to go into the city a few times this week to get our vehicle registered; so we were able to see just how crazy it can be.
There are street vendors everywhere. They are selling all kinds of things. This is a special week for the TOROS. For just this week, there are bullfights in Quito. Outside of the bullrings, there are rows of booths selling hats- every kind of hat imaginable, for the people going to the bullfights. Jeff and Lukas each bought a hat. In Ecuador, at street vendors, you are able to negotiate for the true price of an item. Deanne can bargain with the best of them. Jeff...well he just walks away when the bartering begins. If he wants it, he buys it. If he want's it cheaper, he calls Deanne.
There is music playing in the streets. We even saw mariachis singing in a auto repair place. That is a new twist on culture for sure. We have also enjoyed all the little vendors selling Christmas decorations that have shown up everywhere. They built little shacks just for the month and live there while selling their wares. Yesterday, we found several locations to buy Christmas trees. When we got out of the car, we saw that all but two of thh trees were artificials set up on the lot. The live trees are cyprus trees quite different from the evergreens of North America. All of this is quite new to Ecuador-- as a developing country.
We are learning quite a bit about our new country and it's culture. Thank you for sharing in our journey with us.
Ps 105:1 Oh Give Thanks unto the Lord, call on His name, make known upon the nations what He has done.
Thanksgivng has long been one of our family's favorite days. Late autumn in Upstate New York with the crisp cool weather and the beautiful masterpiece of God's watercolor in front of you is a great time for a celebration. We love gathering around a great big table with our grandparents, our cousins, our aunt and uncle and remembering all that we have to be thankful for together. This year-- it was spent in a new place--Cumbaya, Ecuador, our new home. The weather was a balmy 80 degrees-- and the landscape incredible with mountains on every side.
We had a blend of old and new traditions to celebrate. We were invited to share the day with an Ecuadorian/American family who have recently returned from Miami. They were looking forward to "EL DIA de La ACCION de La GRACIA" as much as we were. It was a great time of fellowship together-- including a lively game of Monopoly. In the morning, we were able to talk to our families on the phone-- to join in a bit on their day of Thanksgiving.
There was much anticipation as we thought about the food-- We very much enjoyed having turkey again! (Last year, our family lived in Costa Rica while we attended language school and we celebrated thanksgiving with ham and chicken) This year we shared a GIANT TOM TURKEY!!!! There was enough turkey for everyone-- even our Jordan. We had homemade stuffing, sweet potato casserole ( a recipe our kids have enjoyed from their favorite elementary school teacher-- We love you Mrs. Parker) and a brand new homemade twist on Green bean casserole (no campbells soup or french's onions-- and no body missed them). Cranberries-- well, they are hard to come by-- we did see one lonely can of oceanspray sauce in the grocery store for $2.68. Ximena made an Ecuadorian equivalent out of Naranjilla. (Watch out cranberries-- you may have some competition on your hands). For dessert, we had apple pie, ice cream with yummy mix-ins, and pumpkin roll (Davoll family tradition).

We laughed too much. We ate too much.
We had a wonderful time together.
Thank you Lord for all you have done for us.
Thanksgiving may be a day--- but our year should be devoted to thanking YOU!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Electricity?? Maybe-- Maybe Not.
Everyday is a new experience in our new home. For example, today we learned that because we are in the middle of a drought and 48% of our electricity comes from hydroelectricity, there just is NOT enough water to generate electricity to power the country. So the government has restricted electricity to 20 hours a day until we receive enough rain. It will be at various times throughout the day. Yesterday, we were without power in the evening from 4-8pm. Today, it was 11-3. Each day will be different...until it rains!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

35th Anniversary of La Iglesia Bautista Calvario
Our family enjoyed this great event of the Calvary Baptist Church in South Quito on October 18, 2009. The day began with praise, thanksgiving, and worship to God for what He has done in and through the church over its history. There were many visitors and past attenders which were a great testimony of God's goodness.

Jeff was asked to preach for this special day. He shared from God's Word from Acts about the purpose of the church. Following the service, we enjoyed a celebration cake. Pastor David, Ximenia and the entire Vasconez family sang together and shared testimony of the blessings of the ministry. They also remembered David's father who had planted the church many years ago.

The picnic was quite a time of festivity for all. The women were busy cooking four different kinds of meat. They grilled chicken, pork, beef, and sausages. We have Never had a church dinner like this before. The men played Ecu-volleyball while the children played soccer.

It was a tremendous day. We praise the Lord for our ABWE national partner, David Vasconez. It has been a great blessing to be a part of his ministry in our first few weeks here in Ecuador.
Building Relationships through CAFECITO!
How to you begin a new ministry in a new country. You take it to the Lord in prayer. You proceed as He leads and guides. We have sought to follow Gods' direction and timing on each and every step of the process.

As we begin, our ministry in the Tumbaco Valley. The process starts with meeting people and making relationships. Everywhere we are and everywhere we go we have the opportunity of beginning these realtionships. God has brought amazing opportunities.

Things are MOVING>...........We were invited to the home of Robalino family for cafecito. It was a fantastic time to meet their family. We are praying with this family about the next step--beginning a Bible study in their home. Please pray with us for this great opportunity.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handsome man in black, our Lukas!
We attended a wedding in Quito at Calvary Baptist Church on Sept 26th. The church opened it's doors to the family and the community for this great event. We saw many new faces come into the church for the first time. The bride and groom were a great testimony of the love of Christ as their marriage was established as a Christian home. Pastor Vasconez gave the Gospel.

We enjoyed learning many things about the differences in culture. For example, Everyone's chairs were angled to face the bride and groom during the ceremony; so you are really participating in the ceremony with the couple. Also, the couple really enjoyed the photo time following the ceremony. It was not limited to the wedding party; everyone who attended had their photo taken with the bride and groom-- although the bride and groom did not smile in the photos. My favorite part of the wedding was when the groom sang to the bride with his guitar. (He also made the wedding cake-- not a bad touch either!)

They wanted to honor us for attending their wedding-- so they made sure to introduce us publically. However, when I presented the bride with our gift she seemed shocked and embarrased that someone who barely knew her would give her a gift. It was all a learning experience. (We did ask questions before-- and yes, we were to bring gifts. I just think we took her a little off guard. She is very shy). We are very glad to see the couple at church. They are very warm and friendly to their "Gringo" friends.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not your ordinary Chicken Soup............

We have all heard that chicken soup is the best thing in the world to eat when you are sick. This is the time of year when Moms everywhere are cooking up their favorite recipes to keep their families healthy or to bring them back to health.

Well, it is a popular dish in Ecuador as well. Our family loves chicken, and we love soup. So, it is natural for us to have tried all sorts of Ecuadorian chicken soup. We have had all sorts of things in our chicken soup. The first day we were in Ecuador we had a wonderful soup that was thick with potatoes and it was served with cornnuts on top for a garnish. It was very good.

However, our most memorable soup to date had to be a seemingly plain chicken soup until Jordan's spoon produced a whole chicken foot. In Ecuador, nothing is wasted! We have found ALL parts of the chicken in our soup. We will just leave it at that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Visas Acquired!

The journey -- adventure--for our visas began in San Jose several months back. We had all of our paperwork sent to us that we needed (which is a process in and of itself) and we went to the Embassy/Consulate downtown San Jose. We were told our paperwork was incomplete. So, we made contact again with the wonderful missionary who was helping us with the legal paperwork from Quito. He assured us that our paperwork was complete, but he secured one more paper and sent that to us as well. We returned to the office to hear the same bad news. We went around this merry-go-round a few more times. Finally, with two days before our departure to the United States. The Consulate contacted another office and reviewed our paperwork and said that it was INDEED correct as presented, and we would be issued our visas the very next day. We rejoiced. We began the paperwork trail including going to the bank and paying for our visas.

We returned in the morning with our entire family. We all signed our visas and took lots of photos of this great moment. Then, Jeff was called into the Consulate office where he was questioned for a lengthy amount of time. The Consulate was challenging the validity of our paperwork yet again. We are a new organization going into Ecuador, and the Consulate was taking this very seriously. There was some serious resistance to our application.

Now, we are in Quito. We are required to register our visas. The San Jose Embassy had told us to expect more resistance. However, the power of prayer was behind us. Jeff went in Wednesday and presented our visas for registration. He said that they were very helpful and welcoming. They told him to return on Friday for approval. He returned on Friday when the office opened. The visas were ready and waiting for him. Praise the Lord. We found out later that one of our supporting churches had an ALL DAY prayer meeting for their missionaries that day. We know that our needs were taken to the Lord's throne that day. We praise the Lord for the faithfulness of His people to pray for us.
Ok-- so, you want to know a little bit of the excitement. As Jeff was walking through the streets of Quito to find the government offices on Wednesday. He walked right through a school protest. Apparently, they did not care for their teachers very much; so, they took it to the streets. The riot police were there with tear gas. It was quite the welcome for Jeff!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our First Sunday in Ecuador was a day to remember. We got up early...still a little weary from our journey on Thursday, and our bodies are still aclamating to the high altitude of Quito at 9500 feet (yes, that is nearly TWO miles in the AIR). We made our way down the mountain where we are living in two taxis; then, all of us met up again, and rode the electric trolley for about an hour to the southern part of Quito. We found two more taxis and had our directions to the church in hand, but neither of our taxis knew where we were going. Half of our family got there-- the other half had a nice scenic view of the southern part of Quito! Jeff, Bethany and Amanda all made it to Sunday School. Ximenia Vasconez, the Pastor's wife, was the girl's Sunday school teacher. She was teaching on having difficulties in your spiritual life. She wanted to make it practical to her new students. She applied it to their lives.... You will have difficulties as you adjust to your new life here in Ecuador...... like learning a new language, and losing your mother!

Well, Jeff had instructed us that if our taxis did not get us to the church-- we were to return to the trolley station where we began; we were so glad to have a back-up plan. Jeff arrived with two men from the church. We were all in attendance for service together! It was such a joy to worship the Lord as a family in Ecuador with fellow believers at the Iglesia de Bautista Calavario en Quito. Dios es bueno.

Following the service, we had lunch with Pastor David, Ximenia and their six children. It was a great time together. We praise the Lord for what He has done to bring us to this place. We know how wonderful it is to be a part of the FAMILY of GOD.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and BE GLAD in it"
We are praising the Lord for all He has done to bring us to this moment. I was struck by symbolism as I was walking up the stairway at the airport. The stairway was divided into 3 different landings. I was reminded of our “first level” of prefield ministry, our second level of language training in Costa Rica and now we have arrived here in Quito at the third level. Just like each of the previous landings, there are many unknowns as we trust the Lord in this next phase. We know God is already here working in the hearts of people, preparing the way. We have been overwhelmed by His power to bring all the details together. We thank you for your love, prayer, support, and encouragement along the way.
The last few weeks in the USA have been filled with ministry, details, and a little family time. We were privileged to report in six different churches including a lovely send-off service at our home and sending church Latham Bible Baptist. We repacked repack all of our boxes for Ecuador, list each individual item, and translate that list to Spanish. Jeff and the boys and Papa Roy took our belongings to NYC for shipping. As always, God had done before us. The Ecuadorian Embassy in NYC was not accustomed handling Missionary visas. This necessitated an overnight in NYC and a second attempt at another office for final approval. When we arrive there the 2nd day, God went before and the Consulate was working on our case before Jeff even arrived that morning. God is so good!
As we begin our new ministry, we ask you to pray for our families whom we left in the USA. They are such a great encouragement to us as they whole-heartedly "send-us", but as a very close family it is still difficult to part. We ask you to pray for wisdom for many upcoming decisions transitions.
Thank you for your partnership!
From the Center of the World to the End of the Earth!
Jeff and Deanne and Team Ecuador

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

God's Magnifying Glass
Visit Lukas' webpage at
Deanne and I arrived home from school today to Lukas' sad announcement. “The fire would not light.” For this we were thankful! He loves to explore & try new things. He was trying a science experiment. He learned you can make fire using direct sunlight focused through a magnifying glass. He said he could not complete his goal because he had to stand completely still and wait for the sun to do it’s job. Standing still...almost impossible for a 12 year old boy!

We find ourselves in a similar situation as we wait on God’s timing to complete the details and paperwork for beginning church planting ministry in Ecuador. We are waiting on the Son and sometimes not much more patiently than our 12 year old Lukas waiting for the sun to work. Thank you for praying with us through this process of establishing the work in Ecuador. This uncharted territory is teaching us much as we wait on the magnifying glass of God’s perfect timing. During this time of waiting (and finishing our language instruction) we are learning much more about the people and country God has prepared for us. We are thankful to know He has all of the details already under control.

Visa update: We are waiting for approval for ABWE to be invited to begin work in Ecuador. Once approved, we must secure the proper paperwork to complete the visa process. If God should allow this process to be completed in the next 31 days, we will seek to secure our visas while still in Costa Rica which will save time and money. Thank you for your prayer and concern. We look forward to informing you all the details are complete!
Prayer Requests:
  1. Visa paperwork to be secured and completed
  2. Our kids are working at Word of Life Camp in Costa Rica from July 6-18
  3. Our Spanish Bible studies are progress. One family asked if they could invite a friend this week. Please pray for Freddie & China & for Cali & Sirley.
  4. We leave for the USA on 8/8/09 and enter Ecuador 9/10/09.
  5. Pray for our team mates, the Maynard family as they serve in pre-field ministry. We have a potential teammate attending ABWE Candidate Seminar this week. We look forward to introducing her to you in our next prayer letter. Teamwork is vital to the establishment of this ministry!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Giving Spiritual Bunnies!
A bunny is a conejo.
Counsel is consejo.
A crab is a cangrejo.

I am acustomed to getting strange stares, but this was over the top. While orally reviewing my homework with my teacher I was telling her I was able to give spiritual counsel (consejo espiritual) this week to a family in need. She looked at me very puzzled and asked me to repeat what I had just said. As always, when someone does not understand your language, I spoke louder and slower. I told her I was able to give spiritual counsel this week to a family in need. She asked if this was common in the my country and I replied with gusto that it is quite normal. She asked if we do this all year or only at Easter? I was completely puzzled. I needed to pray that God would send more missionaries to Costa Rica if a Christian teacher not aware of giving spiritual counsel to those in need. Then it dawned on me...I told her I was giving out spiritual rabbits (conejos) instead of spiritual counsel (consejo).

Monday, June 29, 2009

40 Days and 40 Nights!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Felicidades Bethania!
Congratulations Bethany!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lukas 6th Grade Graduation - We are so proud of him!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Song I heard and made a video.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPECIAL NIGHT IN SAN JOSE... Jeff and Deanne went to Mirador Ram Luna for a special dinner date. High above the city of San Jose on top of a mountain at nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, we dined with a view of the entire city's lights. It was a magnificent view of the city and its 3 million inhabitants. We drove up the mountain on a motorcycle that is a story in and of itself; we were leaving the city at rush hour no less. We enjoyed many of the traditional foods of Costa Rica. We loved the ceviche, the soup, the homemade tortilla chips, and of course arroz con leche y cafe con leche for dessert. There was a show featuring many cultural aspects of this culture. It was such a memorable evening. Clouds came in and completely covered the lights of the city. It was like the David Copperfield made the city of San Jose completely disappear. What a scientific lesson. Thank you Lord for these special opportunities to view your creation and your people from a different vantage point.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

February 26 was Deanne's birthday, and Jeff surprised her with not one but TWO birthday parties. Our Costa Rican neighbors and our friends from our church here in San Jose were invited. Jeff and the children did all the cooking and cleaning to get ready for the fiesta! It was a wonderful time of mixing people from different parts of our life here in Costa Rica. We had a traditional Costa Rican birthday meal, Arroz con Pollo with Deanne's favorite Costa Rican vegetable picadillo de chayote, and a tossed salad which we were told was totally American. Jeff, Bethany, and Jordan also made Deanne's favorite cake, Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This yummy cake "Queque zanahoria" has been one dessert that we have found to be popular here.
During the party, we took the opportunity to share our testimony with our guests. It was such a blessing to be able to share what God has done in our lives. This was our first time we shared our testimony together in Spanish. We pray that this story of God's grace might reach into the hearts of our neighbors. Please pray with us for these dear people to understand God's plan.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bienvenido a Carneceria Gringo! Lukas and I cooked chicken wings on our borrowed wheel rim grill tonight. 5 cars stopped and asked if the food was for sale! Lukas could not contain himself! He said lets sell each wing for 500 colones (89 cents). We did give some wings to a man who was hungry. We then cooked smores and our neighbor girl Sukura came over and enjoyed. She lives in the blue house in the background.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

How was your old lady?
Our Costa Rican pastor just returned from a month trip to another country to visit his wife's family. I proudly welcomed him to our church and jokingly asked if he was a visitor for the first time. Welcoming visitors is a big deal in churches here in Costa Rica. I then proudly proceeded to say, "Como estaba su vieja?" (How is your old lady.) I meant, "Como estaba su viaje?" (How was your trip.) He looked at me very puzzled. So I repeated it louder and slower, "COMO ES SU VIEJA?" My mind was asking, "Don't you already speak spanish? After all you live here..." Then, a small smile crept across his lips. He said, my trip was fine. Part of the language learning process is just opening your mouth and getting comfortable speaking the language so you brain can engage. I can't wait till the brain is engaged!
vieja = old woman
viaje = trip

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today was more emotional than eventful, but still a thought provoking day. About 3:45 today a police officer was shot at the bottom of our hill, a little more than 100 yards from our house…on our street. There has been an increase of robberies in our area. They have significantly increased in brutality as well. After Christmas, "Gus" from our store at school was walking by the SW corner of Parque Bosque with 2 of his friends when 6 armed men robbed them. I had just walked through the corner of the park 30 minutes prior with 3 of my kids. We live 1/2 block from the park. December 2, just behind Parque Chino, a friend witnessed a severe armed car jacking across the street from his house…only his second day in country from South Carolina. Two weeks ago, the pharmacy on the corner of Parqua Bosque, the pharmacist, outside guard and people waiting for the bus were robbed by 2 armed men. Today the police officer on moto pulled over 2 guys on a moto and they shot him with 12 gage birdshot. They fled on foot up the road toward Parque Sauces. One dropped his bag and the shotgun in 2 different locations as he went. One robber was picked up by a car thought to be involved in the robbery and the other fled on foot. We heard the sirens from everywhere and went to see. We were there only about 5 minutes after the shooting. They were just taking the officer away. Very quickly about 20 moto cops charged off chasing a lead. The downed officer was wearing a bp vest but it was a lower grade vest. He had injuries to his shoulders arms and stomach. One cop we talked to felt terrible because this was his area to patrol. He had been called off to sit at a traffic corner for the day. He was especially irritated because this was his beat. I called Ryan, our missionary that works with the groups in law enforcementt, and he came and talked to a few of the cops. He helped us fill in several of the blanks we could not quite understand. Needless to say we are much more aware of our surroundings tonight!

The personal side of the story is this: Jordan had a Bible study at a friend’s house just up that road at 4 PM today. About 3:30 we decided he was not going. Jordan would have at that corner about the time of that shooting. At the same time, Deanne wanted to walk to Pali-our grocery store at the bottom of our hill. Our neighbor stopped over for a few minutes and “would not leave.” Deanne would have been at that corner about the same time. God is good all the time. Whether we were at the corner or not, we know God is good all the time. Please pray for us as we serve and minister here on our street with our neighbors. We have worked hard at building relationships with them and this is another open door of communication and sharing with them where we find our security, in Jesus Christ.

On a lighter note, I was privileged to go to a school in Poas this past Saturday. The school is a shelter for the displaced from the earthquake. I have included my Spanish version of our day. I had to write it for an assignment today. I thank you for being such an encouragement to us here in Costa Rica. I think I am writing all of this to be an outlet for my thoughts. Thank you for listening…or not :)

Shaking things up here in Costa Rica.

I was privileged to go to a school in Poas this past Saturday. Poas is the place hit by the 6.2 earthquake on 1/8/09. The school is a shelter for the displaced from the earthquake. I have included my Spanish version of our day. I had to write it for an assignment today. I thank you for being such an encouragement to us here in Costa Rica. Thank you for listening…or not.
For those who want to try something fun. Try translating this by copying 5 lines into and see if you can understand the gist of the story. Welcome to our life!

Yo visité a la gente que fue afectada por el terremoto el Sábado, el 24 de enero. Yo anduve de mi casa a la iglesia y llegué temprano…otra vez. Había ocho personas en total de cuatro iglesias diferentes que fueron juntas.
Después de un tiempo de oración, nosotros viajamos en 3 diferentes carros. La primera parada fue una casa de una cristiana que vive en Poás. Nosotros le dimos muchas bolsas de ropa, comida y jabones para distribuir a la gente. La vista detrás de la casa fue muy bonita.
Después de salir de la casa condujimos los coches encima de la montaña. Nuestro destino era una escuela que ahora es utilizada para contener a los refugiados desplazados de sus hogares por el terremoto. Cerca de la puerta fuimos parados por La Fuerza Pública. Un hombre había asegurado el permiso del Ministerio de Vivienda y Asentamientos Humanos pero la jefe en este lugar no recibió la información.
Mientras las negociaciones entre mi amigo y la jefe, el resto de nuestro equipo preparó para la reunión. Más de un hora pasó mientras ellos estuvieron hablando. Yo estaba colocad cerca del tablero de pintura que utilizamos para predicar el mensaje. Muy rápido muchos niños y jóvenes empezaron a pedirme decirles palabras en inglés. Ellos me pidieron cantar en inglés.
Después de las negociaciones y muchas objeciones, la Fuerza Publica nos permitió servir a la gente. Nosotros condujimos juegos por treinta minutos. Los niños se divirtieron y los padres tuvieron sonreían.
Cuando fue hora de predicar la palabra de dios, yo introduje el mensaje con un truco de tres cuerdas para ganar interés. El truco fue bueno pero el español necesitaba mas practica para que el evangelio fuera más claro.
Después del mensaje, once personas indicaron que ellos quieran aceptar a Jesucristo como Salvador. Fue una gran oportunidad de servir.
Después de nuestro tiempo en la escuela, la directora de los campos temporales nos dio una carta de recomendación que da el permiso para entrar en cualquiera lugar en que deseamos servir.
Yo observé tres cosas muy importantes. Primera, la gente en estos lugares no tiene mucha esperanza. Ellos no tienen muchas cosas del mundo, y no tienen un plan para el futuro. Para ellos, es un mundo sin esperanza. Todo el día ellos se sientan y esperan la próxima comida o instrucciones del gobierno.
Segunda, es posible servir Jesucristo incluso cuando usted no sabe la lengua bien. El amor de Dios es más que palabras.
Tercera, es Dios el que abre las puertas, no los hombres. Yo tengo que usar las oportunidades que Dios nos abre.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

HEY-- We were in a EARTHQUAKE today. The kids thought it was a BLAST because they actually felt this one, and it shook the whole house. Earthquakes are common, but we have "missed" several because they were at night. This one-- NO BODY could miss. We praise the Lord for His protection.

The following is the Associated Press release just minutes after it happened.

Strong earthquake shakes Costa Rica
1 hour ago
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — A strong earthquake shook the Costa Rican capital of San Jose Thursday afternoon, sending frightened residents running into streets.
There were no reports of injuries in the minutes following the earthquake.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the 6.1 magnitude temblor struck 22 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of San Jose, at a depth of 28 miles (35 kilometers).
Canal 7 television showed images of broken windows, fallen ceiling panels and cracked walls. It said the quake was felt strongly throughout the small Central American country.
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Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

"SAN JOSE, Costa Rica",