Sunday, October 18, 2009

35th Anniversary of La Iglesia Bautista Calvario
Our family enjoyed this great event of the Calvary Baptist Church in South Quito on October 18, 2009. The day began with praise, thanksgiving, and worship to God for what He has done in and through the church over its history. There were many visitors and past attenders which were a great testimony of God's goodness.

Jeff was asked to preach for this special day. He shared from God's Word from Acts about the purpose of the church. Following the service, we enjoyed a celebration cake. Pastor David, Ximenia and the entire Vasconez family sang together and shared testimony of the blessings of the ministry. They also remembered David's father who had planted the church many years ago.

The picnic was quite a time of festivity for all. The women were busy cooking four different kinds of meat. They grilled chicken, pork, beef, and sausages. We have Never had a church dinner like this before. The men played Ecu-volleyball while the children played soccer.

It was a tremendous day. We praise the Lord for our ABWE national partner, David Vasconez. It has been a great blessing to be a part of his ministry in our first few weeks here in Ecuador.
Building Relationships through CAFECITO!
How to you begin a new ministry in a new country. You take it to the Lord in prayer. You proceed as He leads and guides. We have sought to follow Gods' direction and timing on each and every step of the process.

As we begin, our ministry in the Tumbaco Valley. The process starts with meeting people and making relationships. Everywhere we are and everywhere we go we have the opportunity of beginning these realtionships. God has brought amazing opportunities.

Things are MOVING>...........We were invited to the home of Robalino family for cafecito. It was a fantastic time to meet their family. We are praying with this family about the next step--beginning a Bible study in their home. Please pray with us for this great opportunity.