Sunday, February 01, 2009

How was your old lady?
Our Costa Rican pastor just returned from a month trip to another country to visit his wife's family. I proudly welcomed him to our church and jokingly asked if he was a visitor for the first time. Welcoming visitors is a big deal in churches here in Costa Rica. I then proudly proceeded to say, "Como estaba su vieja?" (How is your old lady.) I meant, "Como estaba su viaje?" (How was your trip.) He looked at me very puzzled. So I repeated it louder and slower, "COMO ES SU VIEJA?" My mind was asking, "Don't you already speak spanish? After all you live here..." Then, a small smile crept across his lips. He said, my trip was fine. Part of the language learning process is just opening your mouth and getting comfortable speaking the language so you brain can engage. I can't wait till the brain is engaged!
vieja = old woman
viaje = trip