Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...almost. This is my first Christmas in 43 years without any trace of snow! Now that the rainy season is over, It cracks us up to see people selling gloves, mittens, and winter hats when it is 65 degrees! Bethany has been aiding in the kindergarten class all semester and brought home a Christmas card from the children last week. I said, "It's about time to bring that home." I thought it was summer break...not Christmas break! This year has been filled with change, challenge and confirmation of our calling. I was convicted while reading Luke 1 this past week. I am sure when Mary was confronted by the angel, telling her she was to be the mother of our Savior, she did not comprehend all that God's plan for her would involve. Yet, she harnessed God's plan and willing followed. She maintained a

PERSPECTIVE OF ONE CALLED BY GOD - Luke 1:26-42. Here we find a:
1. Concrete Promise (1:37) "With God nothing shall be impossible."
2. Confident Perspective (1:38) (46-56) "Be it unto me according to thy word"

3. Committed Pursuit (1:39) "Mary arose...and went"

Although we do not comprehend all the circumstances and situations that have come into our lives and confronted us this year, we still are ones called by God. We have concrete promises from God, must maintain a confident perspective, and pursue confidently