Wednesday, July 08, 2009

God's Magnifying Glass
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Deanne and I arrived home from school today to Lukas' sad announcement. “The fire would not light.” For this we were thankful! He loves to explore & try new things. He was trying a science experiment. He learned you can make fire using direct sunlight focused through a magnifying glass. He said he could not complete his goal because he had to stand completely still and wait for the sun to do it’s job. Standing still...almost impossible for a 12 year old boy!

We find ourselves in a similar situation as we wait on God’s timing to complete the details and paperwork for beginning church planting ministry in Ecuador. We are waiting on the Son and sometimes not much more patiently than our 12 year old Lukas waiting for the sun to work. Thank you for praying with us through this process of establishing the work in Ecuador. This uncharted territory is teaching us much as we wait on the magnifying glass of God’s perfect timing. During this time of waiting (and finishing our language instruction) we are learning much more about the people and country God has prepared for us. We are thankful to know He has all of the details already under control.

Visa update: We are waiting for approval for ABWE to be invited to begin work in Ecuador. Once approved, we must secure the proper paperwork to complete the visa process. If God should allow this process to be completed in the next 31 days, we will seek to secure our visas while still in Costa Rica which will save time and money. Thank you for your prayer and concern. We look forward to informing you all the details are complete!
Prayer Requests:
  1. Visa paperwork to be secured and completed
  2. Our kids are working at Word of Life Camp in Costa Rica from July 6-18
  3. Our Spanish Bible studies are progress. One family asked if they could invite a friend this week. Please pray for Freddie & China & for Cali & Sirley.
  4. We leave for the USA on 8/8/09 and enter Ecuador 9/10/09.
  5. Pray for our team mates, the Maynard family as they serve in pre-field ministry. We have a potential teammate attending ABWE Candidate Seminar this week. We look forward to introducing her to you in our next prayer letter. Teamwork is vital to the establishment of this ministry!