Saturday, March 07, 2009

February 26 was Deanne's birthday, and Jeff surprised her with not one but TWO birthday parties. Our Costa Rican neighbors and our friends from our church here in San Jose were invited. Jeff and the children did all the cooking and cleaning to get ready for the fiesta! It was a wonderful time of mixing people from different parts of our life here in Costa Rica. We had a traditional Costa Rican birthday meal, Arroz con Pollo with Deanne's favorite Costa Rican vegetable picadillo de chayote, and a tossed salad which we were told was totally American. Jeff, Bethany, and Jordan also made Deanne's favorite cake, Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This yummy cake "Queque zanahoria" has been one dessert that we have found to be popular here.
During the party, we took the opportunity to share our testimony with our guests. It was such a blessing to be able to share what God has done in our lives. This was our first time we shared our testimony together in Spanish. We pray that this story of God's grace might reach into the hearts of our neighbors. Please pray with us for these dear people to understand God's plan.

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