Sunday, September 14, 2008

We are enjoying our new culture in Costa Rica. This week we are learning some history of this country. There are fascinating traditions surrounding Independence Day. On the Eve of Independence Day, the whole country goes outside at 6 pm and sings the National anthem & lights a lantern and walks in the streets. This goes back to the actual night before they declared their independence when people stood outside the meeting where leaders were discussing whether or not to declare independence. These people stood outside all night with their lit lanterns chanting to call for Independence. We were told the celebration began at 6 PM...but by 6:15 it was only our family and one other of our classmates standing alone in the park. We asked some Costa Ricans if this was a joke they play on the gringos. Here we are all dressed for the party, lanterns in hand, and no party in sight. We hopped a bus and headed 10 minutes north to the town of Zapote and found a great celebration there! What a blast!

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