Sunday, September 14, 2008

Along with most things, we are buying eggs in a new and different way here in San Jose! Each Sunday, we purchase our eggs from our local huevos vender who drives slowly up the streets with his microphone speakers announcing "Huevos". Then, we scramble :) outside to purchase our fresh brown eggs for the week out of the back of his little hatchback. These eggs are considerably cheaper than from the local supermarket. We buy a flat of 30 eggs for 2,200 colones. which is about $4. We are quickly becoming one of his best customers!

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Derek & Jenny Baker said...

Wow! I would love to get 30 eggs for that price! We can get a dozen farm eggs for $3, and a dozen at our store here in town is $3.50! Are the apples down there good? We've found that the apples here are no comparison to NY apples :(