Sunday, January 31, 2010

Field Team Leaders Conference in Arequipa, Peru.
Jeff had the privilege of attending our Spanish Speaking South America Field Team Leaders Meeting in Arequipa, Peru.  It was a great blessing to be with the other leaders learning and growing together.  The best part of the conference is to have time to interact and ask questions of other veteran field team leaders.  It was a great conference set up by Steve Douglas who helped in our training in prefield ministry.   I was privileged to be at a table with Andy Patton from the jungle area of Peru and with Scott Russel from Santiago, Chile.  I roomed with Don Fulz from Argentina.  Ate with Bob Trout, Johnny Bolin and Tim Bilbry from Colombia, was encouraged by Paul Fields from Paraguay, enjoyed jokes from Tim Farly who leads the seminary in Iquitos Peru.  I enjoyed music from Andy Pace and even got to play the electric guitar for a time with him.   It was also a blessing to be out of the snowy climate of Ecuador...NOT, we don't have snow except on the tops of our volcanoes!  Dale Marshfield from South Africa and Jim Ruff from China led our team training.  If I missed anyone, I hope they don't have time to read blogs. Thanks men for the time of Iron Sharpening iron.

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