Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School for 6!
The kids were excited as they packed Mommies lunch today and wrote her little notes. They reminded us there is to be no TV or internet until our homework is done. We get to walk to school together...about 1/2 mile, but Jeff and Deanne get out of class 1.5 hours before the kids (just enough time to recuperate from our brain hurting from thinking in a foreign tongue!)

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Uncle Tom said...

Today was the first day of school for my two kids as well, so...

To "Twinkle", Jordy, Mandy and Lukas: Here are so more rules to make sure your "student" Mom and Dad follow:

1]Bed time by 9 (trust me, you'll get no arguments!)
2]No gum chewing
3]No running in the halls
4]No firearms (okay, so I went to a tough school and was exposed to some extreme rules!)
5]Dress code... Bethany and Mandy PUHlease!!! help your father. 1988 called and they want their flannel shirt back...
6]No kissing in class (Good luck enforcing this one)

Love you guys. Dodge the downpours