Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dia de la Madre

Last week we celebrated mothers day in Costa Rica, 15 agosto 08. That's right, Deanne got two mother's day in ONE year! It was a very big day for our family. It was MOVING DAY into our new Costa Rican home. For our first full week in the country, we lived in the AMCA Christian hostel facility which was a blessing as it was close to the school, our new house, the grocery store, the bus route and provided a place for all six of us. Now, it was time to move into our own house for the year, we were all looking forward to it. After all there is no place like home, and our home for this next year is in this lovely home God has provided in San Jose, Costa Rica. Thank you, Lord for what you have done on our behalf. What a great mother's day present-- a roof over my head (and a coffee pot too!)

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