Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Party Going on in Heaven

From our teamate Lacie Campbell...


We are also praising God for our wonderful teammates the Davoll family who came to visit us last month. They are in the states for a few weeks visiting family and churches out east, and they flew all the way to Iowa just to encourage us; and boy did they ever! One of the things they reminded us and our church family was that we don't have to live in a different country to be a missionary. We are to be serving God in our own Jerusalem right now, wherever that may be. Another thing that they taught us was that sometimes to start building a relationship with someone they will just simply ask them, "So what's your story?" After the Davoll family ministered at our Church in Saint Charles our dear friends the Flickinger family invited us to their house for dinner. Our all knowing, all powerful, everywhere present God worked it out that Rachel Flickinger brought her roommate Kylie from college with her to church that day. After dinner we were all sitting around the table sharing our stories of God's grace in our lives. Just then Kylie came into the kitchen to rinse her plate, and so I asked her, "So what's your story?" She came and sat down at the table, but wasn't sure if she even had a story and told us that she didn't grow up in a "religious" home. Lacie then shared some stories about her childhood and the home she grew up in, and made a connection with Kylie. This made Kylie emotional and she got up from the table and went into Rachel's bedroom. Lacie went in to check on her, and ten minutes later came out praising God for her new sister in Christ!!!! Top Right: This picture was taken just after Kylie had trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior, and Lacie is showing her some Bible verses. Please pray for Lacie and Rachel as they begin a Bible study with Kylie. And pray for Kylie to continue growing in her relationship with Christ. We can't wait to get to Ecuador, but for now we are missionaries serving God right here in our own Jerusalem in Saint Charles Iowa. Our God is awesome, and He is present and working even in the middle of nowhere Iowa!!!

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