Monday, July 01, 2013

Enouch Bizcochos for Everyone

It's funny how sometimes things can grow on you. Soon after we moved to Cumbaya in 2009, our neighbors introduced us to a famous treat from the small town of Cayambe.  They brought us a bag of bizcochos which are small rectangular pastries that are buttery but not sweet. When we first tried them, we did not know quite what to expect. But how we have grown to love the tradition and the experience.

Bizcochos are served with a piece of cheese called "queso de hoja" or literally of "sheet of cheese. It is a really creamy mild cheese" like a mozzarella rolled up like a little sleeping bag.  Our family either has coffee or rich creamy hot chocolate with these treats. In the little town, there is a factory that makes reportedly 12,000 a day. There are shops all over the town selling them by the bagful. Our latest favorite way to enjoy these little tasties is to dip them in dulce de leche which is a soft caramel. Delicious!!

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