Monday, October 27, 2008

Recently, a friend posed the question, "What is a missions minded church?" I must admit, that while learning the Spanish language, my mind has been focused more on how to buy milk and to tell the taxi driver how to get to my house than it has been on missions. But...this question got my juices flowing! I began to think and write and here are just a few of my thoughts. I welcome your feedback.

MISSIONS MINDED CHURCH - The church is missions, therefore, it is impossible to validate the existence of the local church without intentionally fulfilling the great commission in its Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost parts. A Missions Minded church is one that is committed (verbally and visibly) to obeying Christ's great commission by making, marking and maturing disciples as we have already been sent by Jesus Christ.
  1. PASTORALLY the pastor is personally INVOLVED in going
  2. PASSIONATELY the congregation is INTENTIONAL in it’s pursuit
  3. "PURSE" FULLY the budget is INTEGRATED with opportunities
  4. PERSONALLY the body is INFILTRATED by missionaries
  5. PRAYERFULLY the body is INFORMED of needs & oopportunities
  6. PURPOSEFULLY the leadership INITIATES missions partnerships
  7. POSSIBILITIES the body INVESTIGATES who will WE send next

Some random PASSIONATE thoughts at 9 PM

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Anonymous said...

that is wonderful! gonna have to print that out for Brian!